Host a Cocktail Wedding and Thank us Later!

Host a Cocktail Wedding and Thank us Later!

What’s the best thing to drink in the sunshine? Champagne, of course! And what better way to celebrate your nuptials than with a couple of bottles of champagne and the best dumplings around? One doesn’t need to be a bohemian to figure that out.

These days, couples choose to host more unique wedding ceremonies, and cocktail wedding receptions are one way of shunning the usual stuffy ceremonies. 

Here are some amazing benefits of a cocktail wedding.

Have a Social Environment 

To create a people-friendly environment can freely mingle, mix and talk to each other, think about hosting a cocktail wedding reception. There won’t be any awkwardness for someone seated next to someone they don’t want to or not feeling offended due to not being placed closer to the bridal table. The cocktail style of wedding reception makes it easy for guests to be social and chat with one another at their leisure.

Good Wedding within Budget 

Cocktail wedding events are an excellent option for those getting married on a budget. It’s not uncommon for people to spend five times more than what it costs to throw a cocktail style reception, which is why we recommend this to those who want their wedding to be both special and stylish without the outrageous price tag. Unlike many other catering companies and event venues, we do not charge additional fees when an event happens to be a wedding because that’s unfair! Instead, our clients still get plenty of affordable options ranging from finger food to three-course meals that taste delicious and look fabulous without the substantial financial cost. This way, couples can also have more money available for other expenses!

Explore Varieties of Food

Cocktail style weddings are the most fun! Unlike a traditional sit-down dinner, guests at cocktail style weddings are presented with more different flavours and food offerings throughout the evening, making the food a talking point. If you’re worried about not being able to find enough staff as this kind of wedding may require extended hours, don’t be! Additionally, you can also provide your guests with set stations where they can grab their meals themselves.

If you are throwing a cocktail wedding in the near future, we hope we were able to clear your doubts and learn regarding the benefits of hosting a cocktail wedding. A cocktail wedding is an excellent opportunity for a fun and memorable, affordable event that allows you to tailor the event to your personal preferences. We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about the benefits of hosting a cocktail wedding and inspired you to plan your event shortly! If you are looking for a cocktail wedding venue, contact us today at Tandoori Flames or call us on 1800 717 616.