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Indian Restaurant in Williamstown

Tandoori Flames, an award winning Indian restaurant in Williamstown, is famous for its Indian food, especially tandoori food. Run by talented and experienced chefs who have an experience of more than 50 years in major hotels, worldwide, this Indian restaurant in Williamstown will truly bring you the taste of India, while carrying its most exotic form.

Just like India, this Indian restaurant in Williamstown is as rich and colourful as its food. A food that never fails to tantalize with its taste, and a country that never fails to mesmerize with its culture: a match made in heaven.

Whether your trips bring you to the Williamstown on a professional tour or a private vacation, a dinner at Tandoori Flames Restaurant will surely make your trip extra special.

For those who are not acquainted to Indian cuisines and do not know what to order, they should try our tailored buffet.

Williamstown is a soft waterfront suburb, which promises a calming substitute to the commotion of city life. With only a ten-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD, Williamstown is going to surprise you with its quietness. Its historic style, coastal town charm, and whimsical sights through the bay to Melbourne add to the pleasure of eating the fine food on offer, food that is always catered with a friendly Williamstown smile.

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