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In India, great food and celebration go hand in hand! It’s more than just a source of energy. It’s a force that brings people with different attitudes, culture and languages together to celebrate life! 

So, for Indians, a party is considered incomplete without an elaborate spread of scrumptious dishes. 

Make Eternal Memories With Magically Crafted Indian Cuisine

If you are planning to tie the knot Indian way or throwing a traditional baby shower for your wife, make your guest revel into the amazing flavours of Indian food. Contact Tandoori Flames for Indian catering food catering in Melbourne and bring the magic of Indian cuisine on the plates.

Combining the traditional “grandma’s recipe” with the modern cooking methods, our chefs prepare an eclectic menu that creates eternal memories for your guests. 

Create an Exemplary Culinary Experience for Your Guests

Indian culinary scene is multifaceted just like its culture. Each function has its own unique requirement. At Tandoori Flames, we understand this varying needs.  We prepare a variety of authentic dishes that seamlessly blends with your food preferences. Whether you want an all veg menu or a vegan menu, we serve a plethora of dishes that resonate your visions. 

From Chats to Desserts, We Serve Ultra Lavish Catering Concepts

Dive into the tangy flavours of attractively laid elaborate chat platters or pamper your senses in sublime desserts. Whatever is on your mind, we bring it on your plates! No matter what is the nature or scale of your party, our expert team of chefs help you pull off an indelible soiree. 

Flavours that Brings Back Memories of India

Preparing Indian spread is not everyone’s cup of tea! It takes a great deal of understanding about the intricacies of Indian flavours to create an extraordinary culinary experience. Our chefs are all well-trained with a passion for Indian food and prepare a menu that gives strong “Indian Vibes”. 

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