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To be honest, it is every Australian’s dream to throw a huge cocktail party every year. But throwing the ultimate cocktail party is no child’s play you need to bring home bartenders, who are not easy going with. Not for us thought, at Tandoori Flames, the favorite cocktail party catering in Melbourne, hosting a cocktail party, featuring Melbourne’s most talented bartenders, is an easy deal.

Wine and beer are, no doubt, still the most popular beverages in a cocktail party. But, if it appeases your guest then our bartenders have a tremendous resurgence in the popularity of mixed drinks.

All Inclusive Cocktail Party Catering in Melbourne

For the busy host, a cocktail party is an opportune way to amuse any kind of guests whether the neighbours or business contacts. However, not many guests would be amused if the host doesn’t pay enough attention. With bartenders from Tandoori Flames, in addition to waiters serving the cocktails, none of your guests will have attention deprivation. On similar accounts, the host will be free to attend as many as guest possible.

Cocktail Party Catering in Melbourne to Remember

Our Specialty cocktail party catering menu has enough variety to fulfill desires of over thousands tastes. Highly professional bartenders assure you get the right combination of your favorite drinks, no more bad mouths after getting an unproportioned peg. In case a foul-mouthed guest starts chanting, our bouncers will take no time to ask him leave.

Your ever-wanted cocktail party is just a telephone away. Pick up your phone now and consult with of our organiser on how to a cocktail party as per your needs. Cocktail catering in Melbourne has never been so easy before.

In case you want a face-to-face conversation with us, don’t hesitate to visit one of our restaurants in Melbourne.

Thanks for choosing Tandoori Flames’ cocktail catering in Melbourne.

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