Tips To Consider For Choosing A Cocktail Service Provider For Your Event

Tips To Consider For Choosing A Cocktail Service Provider For Your Event

A good event is characterised by good food and an impeccable bar arrangement. This takes us to the next stage of selecting a cocktail catering service. This kind of service has emerged as a rising segment and market trend.

Today several businesses provide unique cocktail catering. They have an exclusive menu, educated and professional bartenders who can instantly spruce up your party’s ambience with their style and drinks. The trick to choosing one of the best services lies in selecting the right company for this work. When we talk about cocktail catering, you cannot pick randomly; cocktails are exclusive and costly, so you must trust someone who has expertise, knowledge, and ability in this area.

Consider These Tips For Choosing The Right Cocktail Services


One of the crucial things that you must consider when choosing cocktail catering is the business experience. A company that has a long history and caters to the variegated segment of clients should be your pick. It will give you a better understanding of whether the business will be able to appeal to your requirement or not.

Get An Unique Display

Whether it’s a small group or a big party, having a complete bar setup is necessary. It gives you enough time to sit together and enjoy drinks with your guests, which otherwise goes in arranging drinks. In addition to this, the magnificent bar setup and arrangement which a professional catering company carries with it is incomparable. From exclusive cocktails to snacks, these catering companies have it all organised, and they will take up the full onus to make your party a grand success.

Right Attire and Hospitality

Spending on drinks profusely would go in vain if the well-groomed and competent bartender does not serve those. When recruiting a cocktail catering service company, make sure that you ask about the bartender’s uniform and experience; all these things will help you understand whether they will be a fitment for your event or not. Some good cocktail catering companies have well-trained staff; they take special care to create an open and mellow environment for your guests.


When it comes to hosting cocktail parties, the host is unique to those drink styles, while catering firms will stick to their menu. When hosting a party, it becomes crucial that you provide your guests with what they want to drink. A good cocktail catering company can ensure that you can customise the menu as per your requirement. However, you must pre-inform them about the same. A knowledgeable company will offer you a wide variety of choices to choose from so that you can construct a customised menu.


Hiring a good cocktail catering company will come for a premium, so you must not decide in haste. What you should do is shortlist companies and ask for their quotations. When you have the pricing with you, you can equate the deliverable with the price and do the cost-benefit analysis. The one that better suits your requirement should be your preference.

Take References

One of the easiest ways to judge whether a cocktail catering service can serve your needs is by asking for references of previous clients. Find their client information and check with them if the provider is worth your consideration.

Wrapping Up

Cocktail weddings or any other events tend to be more casual than their formal dining counterparts. Not having reserved seating means guests are more likely to mingle with each other and get the dance floor underway. It also offers the bride and grooms a chance to talk with all the guests without a table’s confines and scheduled dinner service.

A cocktail wedding reception has many advantages. To ensure your wedding has the best catering service, select Handcrafted Catering. We make delectable gourmet cocktail party food that will delight and satisfy your guests. Contact us at Tandoori Flames to start planning your dream cocktail wedding today!