The Kitty Party: Save, Socialize and Enjoy

The Kitty Party: Save, Socialize and Enjoy

In India and Pakistan (or anywhere in the world with diaspora from these two nations), you would often see a bunch of smartly dressed women entering a restaurant together during afternoons. Chatting, laughing and dressed to nines, these ladies are usually members of a kitty group out for their monthly and much-looked-ahead-to kitty party.


So what’s a kitty party and how does it work?
It is a kind of ‘save as well as enjoy’ initiative in which a bunch of women (usually from the same neighborhood or extended family or ethnic similarity) get together to pool in a certain amount of fixed sum. The names of all the ladies are written on chits that are then folded and placed in a box. One single chit is drawn and whoever is the lucky dame with her name being taken out walks away with the entire collected amount. Before or after this ritual, there are games and lotto to play, gossip to share and a sumptuous lunch to enjoy. The bill is borne by the lady hosting the kitty, the one who had received the last month’s collection. The same thing gets repeated the next month. The previous month’s winner is the next month’s hostess. Those who have won once get their names removed from the chit bowl (they go on giving their financial contribution though). This way, every lady gets her turn to get a collective amount and act as the hostess.

Why do ladies enjoy kitty parties?
First and foremost, a kitty party is a time to meet, socialize, chat and exchange gossip. You get to wear your latest designer threads, carry the recently purchased Prada bag and show off your sparkling solitaires. For a couple of hours, all the worries of home, kids, husband and in-laws are left at the doorstep of the restaurant and laughter and mutual good natured chiding become the buzzwords. A bit of matchmaking for any marriageable sons, daughters, nieces and nephews too goes on. A veritable feast adds more flavor to the afternoon. The lump sum is just an added perk mostly utilized for a piece of jewelry or a piece of furniture or some similar indulgence.

New emerging kitty party trends
With time, kitty parties are becoming hipper. For one thing, men are joining their wives making the hitherto exclusively female domain into a couples’. Men realize that couple kitties are excellent for networking, relaxing over drinks and have a good time, generally speaking. The kitty sums have grown much bigger, often running into thousands of dollars. And of course, for couple kitties, the afternoon hours and lunches have been replaced by late evenings and dinners.


Kitty parties at Tandooriflames
Being firmly rooted in South East Asian culinary traditions, Tandooriflames excels at organizing kitty parties, and is, in fact, very popular with several kitty groups who come here month after month. We offer separate zones, special kitty group deals, relaxing ambience, unobtrusive service and a great variety of delicious foods and drinks. We also offer both customized as well as pre-set kitty packages with varying numbers of welcome drinks, starters, entrees, side dishes and desserts that a hostess can pick, choose and book.

In a nutshell, the kitty party is a time to save, socialize and enjoy. Good motives, you will agree.