Restaurant Catering or a Full-Service Private Catering Which is Better?

It can be as difficult to plan an event as having a souffle to rise in a temperamental oven. Before you begin, there are so many things to consider. Thankfully the team at Tandoori Flames, have made it easy to select the correct form of catering services for your next event.

Which is Better Restaurant Catering or a Full-Service Private Catering?

Restaurant catering is offered to a place of your choosing by restaurants. At the restaurant, the food is prepared and served, usually based on the in-house menu. Then the food is delivered to your place for your guests to serve you.

Catering services are full-service agencies that partner with hosts to develop bespoke event menus. Throughout your case, caterers and their staff will arrive at your location to plan, cook, serve and clean up. Although several restaurants host in-house activities served by waiting for staff, this article focuses on restaurant catering as an ancillary service for outside activities.

You should distinguish between two distinct avenues of service, restaurant catering or a private catering service when considering catering.

Restaurant Catering Melbourne
Food and Preparation

Food made in restaurants is always something special to behold. You may have a favourite local haunt for your event that you would like to endorse and introduce to your attendants.

Caterers in restaurants also:

Replicate dishes in large quantities from their menu in a short time

Have an infinite number of instruments and components at their disposal

The key advantage of catering services, on the other hand, is that they collaborate with organisers to create bespoke menus. A tasty, personalised experience, particularly if you have a specific theme in mind, can add a new element to an event.

Both private restaurants and catering services offer quality food that is freshly cooked by trained chefs. The distinction is that at your case, catering services plan and cook on-site, offering a degree of freshness and consistency that is second to none.

Staff and Services

Offering a premium dining experience that you can enjoy away from your own kitchen, restaurants are the best at what they do. For your event, restaurant catering should do the same.

Although wait staff support in-house restaurant activities, outside restaurant catering, will not participate in your event in the same way. When the food arrives, the partnership ends. Probably, you might need to pick up the food yourself from the restaurant.

In delivering a hands-off environment so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself, full-service caterers are experts. Throughout your case, caterers provide not only the food, but also dinnerware and wait for staff to serve and clean up.

Restaurant Catering Vs. Private caterers

The crux of each great party should be good food. The food also becomes a topic of conversation as people share and appreciate the same delicious cuisine. Your event will bring a remarkable culinary aspect to both restaurant catering and catering services.

The key difference is how each business form was formed. Outside of your restaurant, restaurant caterers simply give another service. To provide the ultimate full service, catering facilities have been built from the ground up.

The team at Tandoori Flames know that for your case, you want the best possible experience. We deliver catering service that includes set up, to serving and the memories in between.

Restaurant Catering or a Full-Service Private Catering Which is Better?
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Hear From Our Clients

Had my daughters 1st bday party. Food was very yummy and all my needs were taken care off. Special Thanks to Neha!! She helped us throughout the party with all our needs and made sure everyone is being served well.Great place for party. Staff was professional and active.Jimmy n Deepti n Reena made sure things are managed well!!

ish@ k@il@

ish@ k@il@

We celebrated our son’s first birthday at Tandoori Flames. We were really happy with the whole arrangement. The food was to die for and the staff were extremely polite and took great care of all our guests. Our guests were raving about the whole arrangement too. A big thanks to Jimmy and his team for making this big day truly special for us. Highly recommend this place

Raghav Suri

Raghav Suri

Great venue for a family function. Amazing setup and service. Delicious food at a good price. All my guests and I had a great time. Thank you for making my function even better. We will definitely be coming back for more. I recomend Tandoori Flames to anyone looking for a venue or just looking for a place to dine. 👍

Gareth Peppin

Gareth Peppin

Last weekend we celebrated our nephew’s wedding reception in Tandoori Flames & experience was extremely delightful in all respects.

Ruksana Rahman

Ruksana Rahman

We had our little one’s first at Ultima however the catering and event planning was done by Jimmy from Tandoori Flames. Jimmy was cooperative throughout the whole process, impeccable presentation and food was great too. Recommended

Vinay Ranjit Bhardwaj

Vinay Ranjit Bhardwaj

My best to go place for authentic Indian food. Loved the food and paneer curry!!

Taras Singh

Taras Singh

Food was great, especially for vegetarians. Had a lovely dine in experience as well with Ravinder serving us 🙂

Jonathan Leibel

Jonathan Leibel

Nikhil is an incredible chef with fantastic charisma that sparkled in his interactions with guests. All 3 serving staff were thoughtful, considerate and professional. Servers attended well to needs of guests.

Kaumil Shah

Kaumil Shah

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