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Preparing food for an event, especially an outdoor one, requires lots of time, space and patience. Not many Australians have this level of patience. For them, hiring a caterer offering outdoor catering in Melbourne is the best deal. However, if you look at the options of Indian outdoor catering in Melbourne, there aren’t many if exist.

Tandoori Flames is a leading Indian food caterer in Melbourne, Australia. We offer basic as well as full outdoor catering in Melbourne.

Best Outdoor Party Catering In Melbourne

While our basic service includes just providing food, our full service includes everything needed to make the event successful from commencement to conclusion, arrangement to tidying. We will support you with menu choice, decoration, enlistment, entertainment, and above all, the best Indian food.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an outdoor catering service is the nullification of preparing food and taking care of arrangements by yourself.

Reliable and Immaculate Outdoor Event Catering

A get-together is a time when you meet new people, improve relations with the existing ones, and renew relations with the old contacts. If you keep yourself preoccupied with the arrangement and running of the party, you won’t get time to pay attention to your guest. This will loosen the whole purpose of a party.

That’s why hiring a catering firm like us is important. While we take the party’s how-goings, you can go out there and talk to your guest. Strike business deals, make your cousins laugh, impress your boss; there are plenty of things you can do if your mind is clear of “running the party” thoughts.

All-Round Outdoor Catering Services

Tandoori Flames have some of the nicest staff and talented chefs with expertise in Indian food. They will sit with you and create the perfect menu that woes you and your guests equally.

Not to mention, booking us for your next celebration is just a call away. Give us a call and one of our event planner will provide you with an estimate.

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