Murg Kolhapuri Recipe

Murg Kolhapuri Recipe

Murg Kolhapuri is a spice-loaded and flavoursome dish prepared in Kolhapur – region in Maharashtra. This dish gets its unique flavour from the freshly ground spices and grated coconut.


For Marination:

  • 1 Kg Chicken – cut into medium pieces
  • Curd -2/3 Cup
  • Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp
  • Red Chilli Powder – 2 tsp
  • Garlic Paste – 1 tsp
  • Salt – To taste
  • Lemon Juice – 1 tsp

For Kolhapuri Masala Mixture:

  • Peanut Oil 2 tsp – (You can take any refined oil)
  • Bay Leaf – 1 no.
  • Cinnamon Sticks – 2 no.
  • Cloves – 6 no.
  • Black Pepper (crushed) – 1/2 tsp
  • Chopped Medium-sized Onions – 2 no.
  • Grated Coconut – 2 tsp
  • Chopped large-sized Tomato – 1 no.
  • Finely chopped coriander leaves – 1 tsp


For marinade

1. Take curd in a big mixing bowl. Now add turmeric, red chilli powder, garlic paste, salt and lemon juice. Mix well. Your marinade is ready.
2. Now add chicken pieces in the marinade and leave it aside for an hour. Note: You can marinate the chicken overnight.

Kolhapuri Curry Paste

1. Heat oil in a pan. Now add bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and chopped onions. Saute the mixture till the onions turn translucent.
2. Now add the grated coconut and saute till coconut changes its colour.
3. Now add tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down.
4. Add this mixture to a blender and prepare a paste.
5. Heat peanut oil (or any oil of your choice) in a pan and add the marinated chicken. Cook the chicken for 20 minutes on the low flame. Keep stirring it regularly.
6. Once the chicken becomes tender, add the Kolhapuri paste and simmer it on low flame for five minutes.
7. Murg Kolhapuri is ready. Transfer it in a serving bowl and garnish it with coriander leaves.
8. Serve hot with Roti or Parantha or Rice.