Let’s Cook Indian this Easter – Try this Indian sweet

Let’s Cook Indian this Easter – Try this Indian sweet

This Easter, cook a very simple yet very delicious Indian dessert named sooji halwa i.e. sweet semolina.
What you need
Semolina – 1 cup
Clarified butter ( canola oil will do as a substitute) – ¾ cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Water – 4 cups
Cardamom pods, take out the seeds and grind fine- 3-4
Almonds, chopped- 5-7
Raisins- 15-16

How to make sooji halwa

  • Take a really heavy bottom pan. The heavier the better.
  • Put it on low heat and pour in semolina after the pan is moderately hot.
  • Roast on low heat for 3-4 minutes using a spatula. Take care that the semolina stays white. If you do it on low heat, it will.
  • Add clarified butter/ canola oil. Blend well with semolina and roast stirring constantly using the spatula.
  • Side by side, mix sugar and water in a pan and put to boil. As soon as the syrup comes to a boil, switch off the heat. Add raisins and ground cardamom seeds. Cover the pan immediately to infuse cardamom’s fragrance.
  • As you are stirring your semolina on consistently low heat, there will come a moment when it forms a mass in the middle of the pan and start oozing the fat. It is Ok if it is light brown by now, it should be, for best results.
  • Now add the ready syrup, turn the heat on high and start stirring constantly with the spatula. In a few moments the roasted semolina and sugar syrup mix in the pan will start thickening. Lower the heat but keep stirring till it reaches a semi-solid consistency. Switch off the heat and cover with a heavy lid. Keep it covered for at least 10 minutes. Put small portions of your ready sooji halwa in small bowls, garnish with chopped almonds and serve.This recipe will easily serve 5 to 6 people.

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