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Vegetarian Catering Melbourne

Tandoori Flames is a specialised Indian vegetarian catering in Melbourne.

In the Eighties Chinese food was something new. It was considered exotic at that time. Then came the theme restaurants, the titanic theme restaurant just across the downtown abbey is one such example. At that time vegan’ food was next to non-existent. So was vegetarian catering in Melbourne.

Vegan food at that time only includes steamed veggies, bowl of olives and bread, or an undressed salad. The chefs were sceptical about exotic vegetarian food that tastes good. Vegetarian food was more about starters.

With the advent of the leaf eaters and health conscious Melbournians, todays Melbourne has some of the best vegan restaurants and cafes outside the subcontinent. Yet finding a good caterer for your next home party with your vegan friends is a pain. First, there aren’t many vegetarian catering in Melbourne. Second, a quality Indian vegetarian catering is still obligate.

Melbournian thanks to so many spicy Indian food lover, vegans in Melbourne no more take vegan food as mere salad plate fillers. Rather they want full course Indian meals with ingredients like Paneer, different Indian herbs, vegetables, spices etc.

Tandoori Flames, Melbourne’s favourite Indian vegetarian catering service provider, loves vegetarian food spices and herbs. Our chefs have expertise in vegan catering in Melbourne regardless of the size and demand of the placed order.

We have clear paths of which food is vegetarian and which is not. Our staffs, especially chefs are well trained in this regard. We use different kitchen for preparing vegetarian and non-veg food to make sure you’re vegetarian food is really vegetarian.

Our vegetarian catering in Melbourne is offered in various packages from basic vegetarian food delivery to taking care of the whole party.

So book Tandoori Flames for the next party you’re throwing. Having the distinction of the best vegan catering in Melbourne, we are mostly booked for weeks. Therefore, we request you to make the bookings at the earliest.

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