Indian Chinese Restaurant

Indo-Chinese cuisine is a type of fusion cuisine where Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques are assorted with larger Indian offerings in a way to make them more inclined towards Indian taste buds. The small Chinese community that has been in Kolkata for many decades developed the, very popular, Indian Chinese cuisine. Today, Chinese food is an essential part of the Indian culinary scene. Indian and Chinese group of people in Australia also enjoy it.

Tandoori Flames is an Indo Chinese restaurant in Melbourne that offers a wide variety of Indo Chinese food on its menu. Our Indo Chinese food menu is full of typical Indo Chinese dishes—both vegetarian and non-vegetarian—including many types of veg and non-veg Manchurians. Chicken 65, a pretty famous dish in the Subcontinent, is a part of our Indo Chinese food menu too.
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If you love Chinese Noodles and Rice, our menu won’t let you down either. At Tandoori Flames, you can have almost every type of Indo Chinese noodle and rice that are a common sight on the menus of Indian Chinese restaurants in India.

Whether you are a typical Indo Chinese food lover and can’t live without your favourite chicken fried rice or the one who prefers a plain bowl of veg Noodles after a long day at work, we have everything on the menu.

Moreover, if you’re fond of Seafood but not finding the kind of taste you’re after. Dine-in at Tandoori Flames someday for best prawns and fish in the city. In case you’re in no mood to dine in, you can ask us to deliver your favourite food home or else you can pick it up on your way home. Tandoori Flames provides food delivery in adjoining suburbs. You can order a takeaway or food delivery over call. In fact, order right away. Reach for your phone; dial 03 9078 2769 (South Kingsville) for the best Indo Chinese food in Melbourne.

Indo/Indian Chinese Food Menu