Gift Services

We live in a world where even 24 hours a day are not enough. We are so busy in our daily life that we often forget that we all have a few people in our life who love us more than we do.

gift services in restaurant

How about letting them know how special they are in your life; how about passing them love in the form of gifts!

A gift, however, has to be special just like the person you’re presenting it to. Moreover, moments are worth a memory only when you make them unforgettable. And nothing remains in your memory more than a surprise.

How about a surprise gift at a place they were least expecting it. How about their favourite Indian restaurant in Melbourne  – Tandoori Flames?

Yes, Tandoori Flames has just started a gift service at their restaurants in South Kingsville.

If someone you know is coming to Tandoori Flames for a celebration, you can ask us to buy things for him or her on your behalf for a small fee. Following are the things you can ask us to buy:

· Cakes

· Flowers

· Perfumes

· Gift Cards From Major Shopping Centres

· Watches

· Sunglasses

· Or any other things

Pay for the gifts in advance and we will keep them ready to be presented. Tandoori Flames can put an extended smile on your loved-ones’ faces on their special day. Call today South Kingsville – (03) 9078 2769