Get a Range of Christmas Snacks for Your Festive Gatherings

Get a Range of Christmas Snacks for Your Festive Gatherings

The Christmas holiday season involves a lot of high-spirited and bubbly merry-making activities. Some common tasks are shopping for unique gifts, wrapping presents, decorating the house, and attending social events.

So many party events and food at various Melbourne function venues will keep you, and your tummy filled. Christmas is when you can put on a few extra pounds without feeling judged or guilty.

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Here are a few Christmas party food ideas to delight your guests —

  • Christmas Pizza

    The festive party decorations and food should have some signs of the merry time, and Christmas tree-shaped pizza is the best way to represent your celebration. Skillfully-shaped dough, pesto, and artfully arranged toppings turn your average pizza into a dish worthy of your Christmas party.
    Get into the holiday mood with a simple yet tasty dinner. Make the dough into a Christmas tree. Top it off with mozzarella, pesto and veggie ornaments.

  • Christmas Holly Cookie Cups

    The holiday gatherings remain incomplete without Christmas cookies. Holly cookie cups serve as perfectly poppable treats for your festive occasions. Give your cookie cups a Christmas flair with red M&Ms and shaped melted chocolate.
    Scoop a small amount of Peanut Butter Cup Cookie dough into tablespoon-sized balls and bake them. Make sure the cookies are soft. Press Reese’s cups into the centre of each cookie and harden them at room temperature. Decorate your cookies with coloured leaves and candies.

  • Christmas Cheese Tree

    Turn your ordinary cheese ball into a Christmas Cheese tree. Try a herb-coated Christmas cheese ball tree that is debatably too pretty to eat!
    Create a super simple yet eye-catching and attention-grabbing Christmas cheese tree. Prepare two cheese balls with two different flavours. Decorate your tree as creatively as you want. You can use cheese for the tree-top star, chopped red and yellow bell peppers for ornaments, and pine nuts for lights.

  • Parmesan Puffs

    Prepare something straight from grandma’s recipe book — the buttery, flaky parmesan puffs. Use your fun cookie cutters or kitchen ruler to cut the shape for the puffs.
    Keep your snackers satisfied with parmesan puffs — the perfect party snack. Prepared with a slightly crispy bottom and buttery, flaky layers, the puffs are something between a cheese cracker and a savoury puff pastry.

  • Christmas Crunch Mix

    People often go crazy over the amazing candy-coated Christmas Crunch Mix. Give your mix a festive touch by decorating them with M&Ms, sprinklers, and mini gingerbread cookies.
    Christmas Crunch Mix is the perfect sweet and slightly salty snack with lots of crunches. It is fun to make and munch on, while the green and red candies and adorable gingerbread men make it a tasty treat that is festive and fun. We are sure it’ll be a huge holiday hit.

  • Christmas Brie

    A simple, red-green-and-white holiday appetiser — the Christmas Brie — is a gorgeous and effortless party snack. Match your holiday recipes with an exotic range of holiday colour schemes. Garnish the Brie with bright green pistachios and ruby red pomegranate arils. Add a creamy white wheel of Brie to give it an appetiser touch.


Enjoy a plethora of yummy, beautiful, and ridiculously easy party snacks for the holidays. Try these party snacks that are delicious to taste and lovely to behold right from Christmas through the New Year.