Food stations, be they sweet course tables or snack buffets, have truly taken off in wedding ceremony cuisine over the preceding few years and it’s not tough to see why! Your wedding day will almost certainly go on for about 12 to 16 hours and you don’t wish to make out stomachs rumbling all through the speeches, and the countless wedding wishes you receive on the stage! Here comes the wedding food stations, a delightful trend that is markedly customizable – you can go extravagant with sushi or oysters, or go back to an unpretentious time with a number of wistful delicacies from your youthful days. In this article, we wished to get you accustomed with a few of our unparalleled most wanted wedding food station concepts!

  1. Popcorn Station
    Popcorn stations are in all probability the most uncomplicated and least expensive stations to set up, so it’s no astonishment that they are popping up (no pun intended!) at wedding ceremony all around the world. A flawless little light goody that is perfect to eat on the go, popcorn can be served at any time of the day from after the ceremony is over, to before the dinner is served or as a late-night indulgence after a small number of dances! This convenient post on popcorn stations will get you on the right track.
  2. Sweet Bars and Candy Buffets
    For sweet bars and candy buffets, you can select anything from sentimental juvenile preferences to artisan delicacies such as marshmallows, fudge, rock candy or mini meringues. Just put it in attractive containers and deliver handy bags for your invitees to fill to their heart’s desire.
  3. Grazing Tables
    Grazing Tables

    For the couple who love a cheese and charcuterie panel, there is the nibbling table – a scrumptious assortment of cold meats, cheeses, antipasti, dips, pieces of bread, crackers, salads, and fruits.
  4. Cake, Dessert, and Treat Tables
    Cake tables work just as fine as a substitute for customary desserts or as an additional sugary delight during the course of the day. They work well as a DIY plan – perhaps your Grandma creates the most delicious apple tart on the face of the earth or your mate’s lemon bars can’t be beaten! – But, of course, the most stress-free choice is to leave your baking in the hands of experts!
  5. Donut Walls and Stations
    Who does not adore donuts? These sugary and delicious discs of pleasure that is certain to place a grin on every invitee’s face! You can blend and match tastes, forms, and proportions, or let your visitants get innovative with delightful coatings or exciting dustings.
  6. Pie Station and Pie Bar
    Impeccable for autumn and winter wedding ceremonies, pie bars are a wonderfully sweet turn on the cake table fashion, and the outcomes are just as flavorsome! You can either serve portions from big pies or have an assortment of mini pies or pie pops for invitees to consume on the go. It is worth testing if your location or caterer can warm up the pies for you, and make custard to serve them with for ultimate cozy ambiances!
  7. Wedding Food Stations To Leave to the Professionals
    There are two means to produce these sorts of food stations – you can either rent a movable provider who will take caution of the whole thing, or do a share of the work yourself and rent a chef or server to man the station throughout the marriage ceremony.
  8. Pizza Bars
    Pizza does not instantaneously come to mind when you ponder upon wedding food, but it’s quickly turning out to be a popular and inexpensive selection at countryside festivities. You can stick with standards such as Margherita and pepperoni, create a pizza that echoes each of your temperaments, or let your invitees construct their own!
  9. Taco and Nacho Stations
    Why not provide your day a Mexican turn with a miniature taco or nacho bar!? This one is impeccable for combination with a margarita for cocktail hour, or as a late-night indulgence!
  10. Sushi and Asian Food Stations
    Sushi is an unusual selection for wedding ceremony food stations, but it’ll without a doubt astound your invitees. Contracting a chef to create fresh sushi rolls and nigiri for your companies would be model, but, with assistance from your site staff, you could produce a station with previously rolled sushi, Vietnamese-style rice paper rolls or noodles in tiny takeout packages.
  11. Oyster Bar
    Ireland is home to a number of the greatest seafood in the world, so what better mode to indulge your guests than with a scrumptious oyster bar? You can even couple your seafood banquet with pints of Guinness for a genuine taste of Ireland!
  12. Ice Cream Bar
    A steady favourite with invitees’ young and old, ice cream at all times goes down fine, and if you’re welcomed with a sunny day in summer, it will in all probability be the best part of the entire day!
  13. Candy Floss Stations
    Sugary sweet and so so tasty, candy floss blends in effortlessly with a vintage, festival or circus-themed wedding ceremony. Have faith in us, your invitees’ faces will brighten up when they are served up freshly-spun candy floss in attractive muted colors!
  14. Pani Puri Shots
    Don’t tell us that this didn’t make your mouth water, because we know it did! But what is more interesting is the presentation. So basically, you pop a puri in your mouth, followed by the paani from the glass. Just the thought of it has us all excited! Make that vodka pani puri shots for the sangeet night! No more standing in a queue!
  15. Achari Paneer Tikka
    You’ll find all your relatives and close friends queued up if you arrange an achari paneer tikka live counter. It’s the show-stealer at any Punjabi wedding. And, if it’s being served hot off the griddle with a side of mint chutney, there is no point of guessing how much guests loved it.
  16. Live tikka stall
    Aromatic tawa-fried aaloo tikki stall is a perfect option to put on show the roadside heritage. Also, you can always play safe and attracts your guests with this delicious dish. In short, the wedding event and your menu are imperfect without this live stall. Small mashed potato tikkis provide great excitement to the foodies especially veggies.
  17. Live Grill with Chicken Tikka
    Chicken tikka is undoubtedly loved by everyone, thus, if you want your guests to go crazy with your food selection then you should definitely arrange a live grill stall for it. The chunks of richly marinated chicken are grilled live and served with a spicy and creamy curry sauce that is orange-colored. There is nothing better than a naan bread and chicken tikka.
  18. Live Tandoor
    Live Tandoor
    People enjoy looking at attractive live tandoor stations as they could see their food getting ready in front of them and they can ask for whatever they would like to have. You can serve a variety of delicious flatbreads to your guests from your live tandoor including, Tandoori laccha paratha, Tandoori naan, tandoori roti, and much more.
  19. Live Jalebi Station
    Arranging a live jalebi station is the best thing you could do to wow your guests. It can be undoubtedly a lovely addition to your menu as well event as it brings out the best of tradition. It can be the best hot delights served at your event that your guests will love.

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