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Planning a corporate event is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. You have to put together different pieces to get a complete picture.  

Whatever the scale and type of corporate event, venue selection is a crucial piece of this puzzle. It plays a decisive role in determining whether your event will be a success and serve its purpose! 

If your search for a perfect corporate function venue is still on, contact Tandoori Flames Indian Restaurant

Tandoori Flames – A Perfect Place to Host a Stellar Corporate Event

An award-winning Indian restaurant in Melbourne, Tandoori Flames offers best corporate function venues

Combining a chic modern style and welcoming ambiance, we ensure your event becomes a hit.  Besides, we help you with planning an event that your guests cherish for years. 

With customised decoration, sumptuous menu and a dedicated team, we offer help at every stage. 

From annual general meetings to launch parties, our versatile venues offers an ideal setting. Our team explores an ocean of possibilities to create a stellar event that leaves an indelible impact on your guests. 

Well-Equipped Venues for All Corporate Event Needs

With advanced AV system, uninterrupted  Wi-Fi, a PA system, phone lines and projector, we ensure a  productive event.  With a well-trained staff, we handle any corporate function with great precision and care. 

Make Successful Business Deals Over a Great Menu

Our team of highly skilled and trained chefs are culinary masters with years of experience in catering to unique dietary requirements. With an aim to keep your guests full, satisfied and refreshed, our passionate team of gastronomes prepare a delicious bespoke menu that addresses the unique nature of your event, along with varying dietary requirements of your guests. 

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