Best Indian restaurants to Provide Authentic Indian Food in Melbourne

Best Indian restaurants to Provide Authentic Indian Food in Melbourne

The love for Indian food can be well reckoned from the sprawling growth of Indian restaurants in Melbourne that caters to surging demands for India’s regional cuisines. The introduction of Indian dishes by the Indian community residing in foreign lands made the world realise that Indian cuisine is much more than simply curry.

The Flavours of India

India is traditionally known as the land of species. In Indian dishes, there is a perfect balance among the used spices, and the end product is mouth-watering, tasty, delightful and perfect. Reputable Indian catering services in Melbourne provide you with everything that one might expect from Indian cuisine.
A range of spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, red chilli, turmeric, garam masala, nutmeg, cloves, green chill, and much more, is native to India. The best part of Indian cuisine is that despite using so many spices, combining these flavours does not override each other.

Popularity of Indian Food — The Rising Trend

India is globally acclaimed for its rich and diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and most importantly, FOOD. Professional Indian catering services across Melbourne often encounter Australians have immense love and admiration for the colour, variety, and intensity of Indian cuisine. In addition to the obvious reason of being amazingly delicious, Indian cuisine is also famous for being healthy and nutritious.
Over the years, the country of Australia has featured quite a deep love and passion for Indian restaurants, catering and cuisine. So, the growth of the Indian cuisine fan base is no big surprise.
Indians have long been residing in Australia, and the number is rising every year. Simultaneously, Indian food products are increasingly becoming popular in the country. An explicit variety of herbs and spices are used in Indian dishes, which make the dishes perfectly toothsome and delightful.

  • Growing Popularity of Indian Spices

Organic herbs, spices, and other food products are in high demand amongst Australians. Quality and health benefits are the primary factors that affect the surging demand. Australia encourages the use of organic food products, and products, such as chillis and curry powder, from India have earned a reputation for being good in quality.

  • Growing Popularity of Indian Food Items

The Indian community is one of the fastest-growing communities in Australia, and the latter welcomes the former’s culture and food products. There is no denying Australia loves Indian dishes and finds Indian food delightfully intense and colourful. Today, they realise each Indian region features its own unique flavours and cooking ingredients.

The Most Popular Indian Dishes in Australia

Indian dishes are known for their delicate balance between spicy and sweet tastes. Tempting many palates, it effectively caters to the taste and preference for dine-in and take-out cuisines.
Tandoori chicken, potato bhaji, chicken kebabs, potato curry, eggplant curry, chicken vindaloo, cardamom chai, dosa, palak paneer, and mango lassi are common favourites of Australians. Some of the most popular dishes to try are —

  • Samosa — It is a delicious snacking option. You should try it, even if you are new to Indian cuisine. The food is essentially a fried dough pocket filled with delectable ingredients, such as potato, onion, peas, and spices. Top it with chutneys or sauces to make it more delicious.
  • Curry — One of India’s most popular and well-known dishes, tomato-based curried are known to be the ultimate comfort food. The world at large today is growingly adopting this opinion too.
    Add authentic Indian curry spices to the sizzling aromatics and other ingredients, and allow them to simmer together for the flavours to merge in perfect harmony. Top it over rice and relish its taste and flavour. Today, there is an explicit range of options to choose from, for instance, chicken curry, shrimp curry, lamb curry, or fish curry.
  • Tandoori Chicken — One of the most popular Indian dishes in Australia and the whole world, tandoori chicken never goes out of style. The savoury spices and juicy consistency of the former empower the dish to gain new fans with each serving.
    Often giving tough competition to chicken tikka masala when it comes to taste, tandoori chicken is globally known for its universal appeal. The dish is prepared by marinating exotic ingredients, such as yogurt, garlic, ginger, and herbs. Thereafter it is traditionally baked in a clay oven to create a juicy and delicious flavour.
  • Biriyani — Every cuisine has its own special dish. For India, it is biriyani, and today it is earning significant devotees from around the world. Right from its presentation, not just that the dish looks beautiful but also features an addictive characteristic.
    Exotic spices, vegetables, and sometimes meat enhance the fluffy rice and the blooming favours of the dish. It is a massive favourite amongst both vegetarians and meat lovers.
  • Naan — It is a delicious bread that everyone can try. The puffed bread pairs wonderfully with multiple Indian food recipes. The simplicity of the bread earns its popularity amongst many people who often prefer it over rice with their meals. It is often used to sop up the many delicious sauces in popular Indian dishes.

Final Thoughts

Indian cuisine is undoubtedly as diverse and complex as the country itself — the balance of spices for specific dishes of particular regions is an essential factor in India. This sheer variety is now represented in Australian restaurants. When you are on a trip to find the best Indian restaurant in the neighbourhood, Tandoori Flames is the ultimate place!
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