Try The Menu of The Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne for Sumptuous & Delicious Meals

Try The Menu of The Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne for Sumptuous & Delicious Meals

Have heard from your friends that Indian food is something out of this world? Looking for an Indian restaurant to try authentic Indian dishes in Melbourne? Indian dishes are undoubtedly popular all over the world. The Indian cuisine is extremely versatile and has something or the other for every occasion.

There is no denying that Indian cuisine always stands out of the crowd. When looking for the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne, Tandoori Flames is your ultimate answer! Right from rich Butter Chicken to piping hot Idlis, Indian food is a wonderful combination of exotic and unique flavours and spices.

Why are Indian Dishes so Popular All Around the World?

The finger-licking experience of Indian cuisine owes its exquisiteness to the unique approach to flavouring and aroma. Indian food is as diverse as the nation itself which features diversity in culture with a rich history. The country is unique and offers various flavours representing a colourful blend of its cultures and traditions.

Indian dishes are quite complicated and no wonder takes a long time to prepare. However, the end result is undoubtedly worth the effort. Cooking Indian cuisine involves very complicated techniques which are why perfecting the skill is an art in itself. Be it a slowed-cooked and creamy curry or the tandoori-flavoured chicken, the best Indian restaurant gets you an innovative menu in Melbourne that is a manifestation of Indian culinary excellence.

Indian food is quite versatile and tastes pretty different everywhere. It is this consistency that makes the cuisine extremely unique and special. The spices used in Indian cooking are not powdered or pre-mixed. Instead in many dishes, they are added as a whole which adds a lovely aroma to the final outcome.

It is the complicated combination of herbs and spices of Indian cuisine that make the dishes stand out. Most professional restaurants prefer to make their own spice mixes by powdering them. Such a rich knowledge of herbs and spices definitely works in their favour and adds a subtle taste to every dish.

A reputable Indian restaurant in Melbourne works with a team of passionate and skilled chefs who can bring out subtle flavours in the dishes they cook. Some of them even offer the perfect ambience and setting for celebrating your big day.

Indian Cuisine — Its Unique Taste & Intoxicating Aroma

The unique style of Indian cuisine appeal to people all over the world. There is no denying that Indian food is healthy, tasty and always contains the nicest spices. Almost in every Indian dish, you can taste a hint of each individual ingredient. Indian cuisine mixes many ingredients that have completely different flavours.

Indian culinary style is far more diverse than the diverse people present in the people. In a typical Western meal, the food contains flavours that closely match each other. On the contrary, Indian dishes contain a mix of ingredients that do not overlap each other and share their individual space in the dish.

Indian food is quite unique in the sense that the cuisine contains healthy ingredients, fantastic combos, and is rich in spices. Indians cook their food with a blend of various spices for creating a unique flavour for their dishes. Besides being highly aromatic and tasty, dishes commonly contain fresh ingredients with fewer preservatives. Being healthy, it offers benefits to your body.


Food aficionados all across the globe love Indian cuisine as they always find something that suits their taste, preference or occasion. Having a hearty and good meal Indian food is a wonderful combination of delicate spices and flavours.

At Tandoori Flames, our culinary offering is an endeavour to offer our patrons a taste of tradition. Representing the rich culinary lineage of the country, all our dishes are sumptuous. We are known for bringing out sublime Indian flavours while our signature dishes lend you a unique epicurean experience.

We are one of the top-rated and most-visited Indian restaurants in Melbourne, where you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with our authentic and traditional recipes. Our chefs prepare dishes for your expertly such that their subtle flavours are appealing to its contemporary Australian taste palate.